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It's About People.

Apart from adding value to our clients' businesses through interactive digital experiences, we're constantly thinking about how to add value to our communities, too.

"Culture" – we hear this term thrown around a lot, but often fail to realize how important it really is. We will spend most of our lives at work – our business' culture leaves a huge footprint on who we are outside.

At Ingenia, our culture promotes contribution within our community. We're invest about 75% of our resources in our employees' personal growth, provide an environment that rewards positive social values, and encourage collaboration and honest, open communication.

At times, we come across an organization that truly has the potential to bring about positive, long-lasting change. We firmly believe that those organizations deserve a solid digital foundation to deliver their message.

For such groups, we gladly donate our time and talent. We're proud to be their megaphone, and prouder still to have played a part in their success.

Social Responsibility

You do great things. We give you a voice.

See below for a list of sites we've donated for organizations
dedicated to changing our world.

Feel free to contact us we'll be glad to help.