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Ideas - they're how we define ourselves

Over the years, we've developed original ideas & methodologies to offer you outstanding results and exceptional service. Over time, it's become our identity.



We pay a lot of attention to serving our clients. We have to exceed your expectations to meet ours.

  • - what they expect as clients
  • - what drives them
  • - how they interact both online pad offline

We know how to put technology in context, so you project:

  • - The right message,
  • - With the right tools,
  • - For the right audience.
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We put technology in context - by understanding how people interact with it, we're better able to successfully implement it.

We listen to your needs,
understand your expectations,
and then exceed them.


And we won't stop until you are 100% satisfied.
Our passion is producing the 'wow' effect - for every client, for
every task, no matter the shape, scope or size.

We thrive on it.


From our very first conversation to celebrating the results, Ingenia Group promises to give you exceptional service and exceptional results.

Experience service, experience Ingenia.

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Our processes are as sophisticated as our solutions. We use the best in workflow management and development procedures, tailored to your project.

Experts in usability, project management, design, marketing, community managers, trend hunters, information architects, engineering and programming.
That communicate freely and openly.

We are in the process of becoming CMMI® certified (Capability Maturity Model® Integration), a collection of best practices that help organizations to improve their processes.
Robust Project Managent.
Through our state of the art tools and Project Management office we do our best to deliver on time, quality and cost.
Iterative Methodologies.
Agile development proving reliable results, tested again and again.
Rational Unified Process.
Incorporating client feedback, delivery schedules, and quality control for exceptional results.
Pair Programming.
Two minds are better than one, for development, maintenance, and creativity.
We stand by our designs, and detailed, approved design outlines help ensure it.
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We realy on four principles to create a digital experience: usability, persuasiveness, creativity, and innovation. Find out how they'll work for you.