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We keep our applications complex on the inside and simple on the outside

Digital web applications for modern businesses and brands.

app Development

Digital tools redefine businesses. They make them stronger, faster, and wider-reaching. We build applications that produce extraordinary results. Intuitive design, technological skill, and industry expertise allow Ingenia Group to envision, craft and implement a digital strategy for your business.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.


Putting networks to work, for you.

Ingenia understands the power of information and collaboration. Knowledge, feedback, key messages they all spread more quickly through an efficient network. We provide that work, so you can let the sharing begin.

Experience Intranet

News, policies, internal communications. Instantly accessible to the employees who need it most.
Expertise, feedback, discussion. Encourage knowledge sharing and communication between teams by giving them an intuitive platform to do so.
Increased productivity, reduced inefficiencies. Benefit from project management tools, and a shared platform for tools and systems.

Experience Ingenia Group

We want your intranet to fit naturally with your business culture - we customize each solution to what's right for your team.
We'll build focused tools to meet your needs, and integrate them in your intranet.
We design a system that works without us - so you can do the content management and actualization yourself.

Web Applications

Innovative solutions. Remarkable results.

Flexible, robust and easy to use -- that's an app by Ingenia Group

Web applications, simply speaking. are the powerful, user-friendly bits of software that add functionality to your website. Our applications come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but each is custom-made, designed to meet both your need and your budget. Below are some common uses for applications:

User Interfaces
Bring information to your visitors in an interactive way.
Business Intelligence
Gather statistical sales data to better support the decision-making process.
Database management / Organization
Manage the data you've gathered and present it in a easy-to-understand format.
Intranets / E-Training
Organize and facilitate your employees' training and business activities.
Real Time
Content Management

How we do it?

We know that you expect nothing but the best. We're here to deliver it.

Our world-class application development process is specifically designed to bring you the best - overcoming the obstacles standing between you and digital success. Here's how we do it:

We work with you to figure out what you really need -- this allows us to design and deliver an exceptional product that exceeds your expectations.
Number of possible solutions fall out. We pick the one that fits you best.
Done from the ground up. We program for speed and functionality, build user-friendly interfaces, and integrate the two to fit your model.
Your need -- satisfied.

E-commerce & B2B

If they can't find it, they can't buy it.

Persuasive, engaging, memorable. Everything you're looking for in your newestassociate.

Why E-Commerce?

Take the next step for your business.

At Ingenia Group, we build the e-commerce platforms you'll need to be there foryour clients, encourage their patronage, and streamline your processes.

Why E-Commerce?

Reduce cost

by decreasing the overhead on each sale and using cost-effective onlinecommunications.

Automated order-taking, cross-selling, processing, and customer-servicing, aswell as email communications and on-site promotions.
Improve sales

by interacting with your customers before, during, and after theirpurchases.

Online-advertising to attract them, user accounts to maintain them, crossselling to keep them coming back.

Enhance customer service

by giving your customers the convenience and ease of shopping online.

Personalized accounts, tracking information, payment and address storage -it's technology improving the customer experience.

Why us?

Design fundamentals that bring e-commerce to life.

Trust is at the core of a successful online business. Our designs earn they trust because we understand consumer behavior. We use them to bring visitors an engaging experience, communicate your brand values and serve as a guide through out the purchase process.

Easy to follow purchase steps. Clear and engaging interface.
By better understanding what motivates your clients to buy, we formulate designs more likely to engage their interest.
Applications for clear product descriptions and imaging.
Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and e-newsletters, to keep your brand present.


Track. Focus. Expand.

Because your business runs on people.

Experience CRM


Our CRM are designed to make tracking sales, progress, and profitability easier. In fact, you can choose the metrics that matter most for your business - we'll build them right in. This translates into time saved and fewer leads lost due to human error.


View areas of both weakness and strength in your sales process in a simple, graphical format. With this information, it's easy to focus your effort on your most profitable client demographics.


By being better equipped to understand and respond to changes in your sales environment, you'll be better able to operate with expansion in mind.

Experience Ingenia Group

There's a number of CRM applications out there. Here's what makes Ingenia's different:


It's built in, and it's our top priority.


Choose metrics and workflows that make sense for your business.

Intuitive display.

Information, in an easy to understand graphical format.

User profiles.

Dynamically control each user's access to data.


We have a variety of solutions to fit your budget.


Experience power
Elegance, usability, technology and animation. All within your budget.

Our teams are passionate, curious, and at the forefront of architecture development, programming, and platforms. We constantly push the limits, and you benefit.

Your user gets all the functionality of the world's best technology, wrapped in a dynamic, intuitive, friendly interface - it's an engaging digital experience, enchanting the power of your brand.

We're redefining the user experience: at Ingenia Group, applications adapt to the user, no the other way around. Fast, robust, functional - and designed for your clients.

Your business is dynamic, and your digital tools should be too.

At Ingenia Group, we're currently pioneering ways to bring animation and video to your audience.

All of the above can be archived within your budget - efficient processes, documentation, and quality control keep our costs down.

As a result, we pass that savings down to you.