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Digital strategies that get you noticed.

Mobile & Tablet Development

Put technology to work for you

Stay connected

With the mobile revolution, business happens faster than ever, and in unlikely places. With Ingenia Group, we’ll make sure you’re there when it does.

An effective digital strategy is more than just being ‘there’ on the mobile web – we implement voice, text, and/or smartphone advertising to further your business goals.

Experts – on your side

We encourage our team members to develop their interests and talents. At Ingenia, we believe it’s that creative freedom that produces experts. Expect that same creativity in the development of your application – expect innovation.

What we do:

Games, Aplicactions and anything you need to run on a mobile or Tablet (Ipad).

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Stay on the cutting edge,
see what mobile can do for you.

Compatibility testing: test your current web site’s functionality and usability on popular mobile platforms

Interface development: build alternate user interfaces for the mobile device

Application development: develop innovative mobile applications, tailored for mobile phones & tablets.


Great apps & Sites deserve great hosting.

Something for everyone.
basic. advanced. premium. enterprise. corporate. commercial. tailored.

Shared hosting plans

Something for everyone.
basic. advanced. premium. enterprise. corporate. commercial. tailored.

Email service

Fast, reliable, secure.
available 99.99% of the time through a server cluster. 1 GB space per account. accessible from anywhere in the world. a spam filter to catch 98% of junk mail.
Compatible with:
MS Outlook and Outlook Express Lotus Notes Netscape MSN Qualcomm Eudora and Eudora Pro Mozilla Thunderbird POP3, IMAp4, SMTP, including Blackberry and Treo

Strategic Partnerships

Expert partners to guarantee your service. What makes Rackspace an ideal partner?

100% devotion to web hosting: 4 US data centers,
1 in the UK

Ranked a market leader by Gartner

Philosophy of 'fanatical support': 97% of clients satisfied


Built to respond to your needs, and above all, to be reliable.

  • - 24/7 monitoring
  • - real-time RAID backup system
  • - off-site backup system
  • - Cisco-powered, Zero-Downtime network

We go to the extra mile to protect your data - energy generators, smoke detectors, fire protection, and security monitoring. Whatever it takes.

Dedicated servers

We help you identify when you need a dedicated server, and then administrate it for you. We locate servers in any platform:

Linux, Redhat Enterprise, Windows, BSD, etc.


User Experience Persuasion Consulting

Engaging design, exceptional results.

Concise, effective communication.

Your clients remember only 10% of what they read and hear, but 90% of what they see. User-friendly, persuasive design makes an impression that lasts.

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Our services:

Persuasion Consulting
Understanding how to connect Our websites resonate with visitors because we start by understanding their behavior.
Usability evaluations
Rethinking “no pain, no gain” Get the insight of our experts and peer groups through robust usability testing.
Streamlining the experience Websites that are easy to use generate more business, which is why we keep ours complex on the inside and user-friendly on the outside.
Web services & applications
Doing what works Our designs are simple, interactive, and persuasive – and we implement them with the exceptional service you deserve.

Financial Information

Say goodbye to outdated numbers. .

Real-time financials for real-time businesses.

Having an online presence means a new way to communicate - with your clients, your investors, and the public. And sometimes the best way to communicate is through data, in real-time. So we've partnered with Euro Investor to bring you that functionality.

All the interactivity, usability, and customization you'd expect from Ingenia - with all the data you need from Euro Investor.

Our Services:

Stock information.

  • -Interactive charts, integrated with news
  • -Stock quote lookups
  • -Peer group comparison
  • -Excel interface
  • -Investment calculator

Mobile services.

  • -SMS stock quote updates
  • -Customized SMS alerts
  • -SMS database messaging system

Realtime financials feed.

  • -ROI and stock price, historical and present

Analysis tools.

  • -Comparative graphs with related news
  • -Technical analysis tools
  • -Graphic presentation capability
  • -Manipulation and comparison of historical data
  • -Data exportable to HTML/Excel/CVS

Our Partnership:

Euro Investor brings instant financial information and interactive analysis tools to your website.

Ingenia ensures that it functions seamlessly with the rest of your web design.

And we're both committed to customer service.

It's a perfect partnership that companies like Walmart, ASUR, GAP, have all already benefited from.

Web Video

Bring your message to life.

Big media house results at a fraction of the cost.

Ingenia has the technological know-how and creative insight to produce quality, interactive videos – at a fraction of production house prices. We bring innovative solutions to your marketing campaigns, presentations, investor reports, and internal communications so that your message gets across clearly and effectively.
Interactive videos: our innovation & specialty
Re-defining video with a purpose

We use visual effects, animation, and organization to create concise and engaging videos to convey your message.

But don’t take our word for it:

See for yourself.

Conversational videos:

allowing the user to interact with the characters in the video.

Customizable videos:

allowing the user to choose his own video experience.

Videos for every brand, every budget

Your video will be tailored to your needs - and your budget. We produce videos anywhere in the world, cost-effectively. And we do it with the exceptional customer service of a small firm.

Get your message out there

Our skilled production engineers can produce for HD, TV, DVD, or the Internet – you name it. We can even help you decide on the best distribution format for your video.

If you think big, we'll help you look big. Our engineers are passionate about your project and ready to get started – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Experience Innovation. Experience Ingenia.